The Sweet Life Award



In April 2008, Norm & Zane The Sweet Life LLC. established an award to recognize and honor those who have given exceptional service in contributing to the cake decorating world. An inductee promotes ICES, cake shows, cake decorating, and the sugar arts through many different means. To be considered for the award, a potential nominee will have shown encouragement and devotion to the sugar arts through teaching classes, demonstrating at events, sponsoring and promoting events, contributions to teachers and cake shows.   Hall of Fame inductee may be an author, may have introduced a new product or technique that is shared by many, or may have introduced cake decorating to others. In the end, 

the inductee has shared in such a way that other decorators have been able to grow.               

Service Award inductee has worked in many capacities on behalf of the cake decorating world; this is a person who is behind the scenes.                   

International Hall of Fame inductee has the same requirements as a Hall of Fame inductee, but this person is an international and he or she must live outside the United States. 

If you know someone who should be considered for this award.

please contact:  

Chef Norman R. Davis CMSA 

or Chef Zane Beg 

Hall of Fame Award Recipients

Sidney Galpern (2017)    Peggy Tuker (2016)   Debbie Coughlin (2015)

Kahhlene Lange (2014)    Susan Carberry (2013)   Chef Dominic Palazzolo (2012)

Chef Linda Shonk (2011)   Ruth Ricky CMSA (2010)  Nicholas Lodge (2009)

Collette Peters (2009)

Service Award Recipients

Edward Frys (2017)   Dianne Gruenberg (2016)   Fran Wheat (2015)

James Bender (2013)   Ron Elliot (2012)   Russell Kelly (2011)

Barbara Kelly (2010)    Bernie Ditmore (2008)

Kelsey Henderson (2008)

International Hall of Fame Recipients

Michelle Sohan (2017) Trinidad, Tobago

Debbie Brown (2016) the United Kingdom

Osires Barbosa (2015) Bogota, Columbia

Pat Trunkfield (2014) the United Kingdom

Lourdes Reyes (2013) Mexico

Chef Ali Said Mandhry (2012) Africa